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 Company History

N.A.T. was founded in 1993. Due to the founders background in environmental planning, soil sciences, and applied ecology, we worked as consultants in environmental planning for municipalities and private persons in Germany, mainly in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

As Schleswig-Holstein is a state of only little industry, tourism, agriculture, and a lot of water, in a temperate climate, many challenges arose around nature conservation (which is a state goal manifested by law) and the handling of surface and ground water (which is a very important topic for villages and towns, and also for agriculture).

Since 1995 N.A.T. has been working with reed bed systems (formerly called rootzone systems). Since that year we have planned and implemented more than 100 reed bed systems, mainly in Northern Germany and Denmark, among them the biggest pond/reed bed system in Northern Germany.

We are members of the German board of waste water engineers (DWA) and of Ingenieurökologische Vereinigung (IOEV), a platform that has been formed by professional ecologists and engineers who collaborate in applying ecological knowledge to solve engineering problems – such as using planted soil filters in waste water management, for example.

Since 1999, N.A.T. has a joint-venture co-operation with Center for Recirkulering in Denmark, who have invented willow evaporation systems for waste water cleaning and applied these successfully more than 1000 times for various purposes. During the last years CfR and N.A.T. have successfully designed and implemented both reed bed systems and willow facilities for household and agro-industrial applications in either country.

Since 1999, N.A.T. has close cooperation with, which is a consultancy of civil engineers specializing on technical purification plants,sewerage and Information Systems. The background of our group is from natural sciences (Dr. rer.nat.), civil engineering, agriculture, and landscape architecture/environmental planning.

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