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 News - Selection of Ongoing Projects

Environmental planning Hedwigenkoog; Environmental planning Schülp

Hedwigenkoog and Schülp are municipalities at the west-coast of Schleswig-Holstein (marshland). These areas offer a lot of wind energy and are designated zones for the build-up of large wind-energy parks. This has led to a significant transformation of the environment. The planning process is on municipal level. Environmental planning includes an inventory of the natural habitat, site appraisal, development of planning objectives, moderation of the municipal planning process.

Hedwigenkoog Hedwigenkoog  Hedwigenkoog 
Prominent row of poplars on
a medieval seadyke 
(larger image)
Brackish ponds (Wehlen)
are special features of the
area, both from an ecological
and historical point of view 
(larger image)
The perception of the
landscape changes
gradually...  (larger image)

larger image 
Treatment of leachate and rain water of a former dump with willow plants

Hvalsö Losseplads, Denmark: Recultivation of a dump on Sjaelland, and turning it into an "Energy-Park"

Accomplishment of a negative water balance by means of adjusted eco-engineering measures. Landscaping design as recreation park "Theme park" on re-circulation of substances within the spheres waste – vegetation – soil – atmosphere.



Development of planted soil filters for the retention and treatment of storm water according to german guidelines

For contaminated water from storage areas, driving and cleaning areas, horse cleaning areas in agriculture and industry. Run-off from storage areas often tend to contain a high amount of substances, which are harmful to the environment and illegal to discharge into natural water bodies. NAT has developed retention soil filters, which will hold back and treat surface waters before discharge.

Reed bed systems for the treatment of household wastewater

larger image 
Kiel, Germany
Horizontal filter reed bed with 200 m
2 for 8 m3/d in the rural suburb of Kiel, which ist the capital city of the province of Schleswig-Holstein. A historic farmhouse and re-constructed stables within a "park-setting" are the background for this project.

Constructed wetland for an outdoor-academy/hotel
Combined vertical/horizontal reed beds for a hotel/outdoor academy at a very scenic site near Eckernförde, Northern Germany. 45 m3/d. resp. 300 person equivalents. The wastewater discharges into a fjord of the Baltic Sea (Schlei). Therefore the discharge standards with respect to nutrient and germ-redution are higher.

Vertical filter reed bed according to danish guidelines for a rural restaurant in central Jutland, with pre-treatment, pump well, Phosphor-precipitation unit, waste-water recirculation unit for Nitrogen removal.

Als, Denmark
In cooperation with Center of Recycling we delivered 20 vertical filter reed beds to scattered households in a very sensitive and beautiful area in the northern part of the island of Als in Southern Denmark.

Sondeburg  Sonderburg  Sonderburg 
Septic tank, pumpwell and
vertical reed bed for a
double household.
(larger image)
Vertikal filter für 15 person equivalents.
(larger image)
The municipality of sonderborg aims at becoming carbon-neutral by 2015 and therefore supported the project (larger image)

Wittensee project

Retention Bassin
larger image 
The Wittensee project aims at reducing discharge of sediments, nutrients, and faecal coliforms into a formerly nutrient-low lake in Northern Germany. Different point and non-point pollution sources had been identified. By means of hydraulical simulation and application of eco-engineering know-how solutions for the reduction of inflows into the lake where presented. As a follow up some of these solutions are implemented, like the retention bassin, seen on the right.

Sludge mineralization reed bed
Planning of a sludge mineralization reed bed for a technical (activated sludge) wastewater treatment plant for 4000 PE in Northern Germany.

Maintenance of small sewage treatment plants
N.A.T. looks after and checks many small sewage treatment plants in rural Schleswig-Holstein. This includes treatment systems like wastewater ponds, reed beds, infiltration ditches, SBR, and activated sludge systems, including the pre-treatment.

The check up includes sludge measurement, flow measurement, and monitoring of performance. We have our own laboratory were we can undertake all the relevant wastewater analysis. N.A.T. offers solutions and assists realization of solutions.

This work corresponds to a guideline of the water authority of Schleswig-Holstein. We are regularly trained by the german engineering society (DWA) to do this works. This includes also leakproofness testing of pipes and wells according to the german standards and regulations.

Labortätigkeit Probennahme Rohrinspektion
Laboratory work Dipl. Ing.
Frank Metasch 
(larger image)
Influent and effluent
sample of a reed bed:
Dr. Ulf-Henning Schauser 
(larger image)
Camera for pipe inspection
(larger image)

Operational management of wastewater-treatment plants
We have been operating wastewater-treatment plants in rural areas in Northern Germany for than 15 years now. This work includes self-initiated regular checking, monitoring, wastewater analysis, reporting to the authorities, offering of problem solving solutions in close cooperation with the owner and with the water authorities, providing engineering services if necessary.

Activities in China

NAT first started working in China in 2007. Together with a danish and a chinese partner we founded a joint venture company (Beijing Sen Miao Tian Cheng Environmental Protection Technology Co. - BJSMTC). We are based in the Haidian district in Beijing, within the campus of the Agricultural Faculty.

There is an enormous need for water treatment in China. As constructed wetlands have proven to be a versatile technology which is able to cope with different kinds of wastewater under many kinds of conditions, the application field for our know-how and our products is wide.

Here are some projects we have carried out since 2009:

Yanqing province, Beijing province
Vertical filter reed bed for a village with 250 m3/d. Planning and construction by NAT with chinese partner BJSMTC in 2009, operation and monitoring since 2009 by BJSMTC and BAAFS. This has been our first larger scale successful joint-venture project in China. The village Shang Mo has a sewage system with small septic tanks. The effluent was discharged into a small river, which feeds into a lake in the Northern region of Beijing province.

This lake is one of the important drinking water reservoirs for the Beijing city agglomeration, ca. 80 km away. We choose to build a vertical filter reed bed of 2500 m2. Landscaping had to be integrated.The system is working smoothly and is easily achieving the cleaning standards, all year round. Use of special lava filter material from Inner Mongolia for Phosphor removal. Application of special frost prove measures, as frost of < -15 degrees C prevails during the winter months.

Yanqing Yanqing   Yanqing  
Layout and sealing of PE
liner  (larger image)
Adding lavasand for
(larger image)
Reed growth in 2nd year of operation (larger image)

Pu'er, Yunnan
Technical wastewater treatment plant plus constructed wetland for secondary/ tertiary treatment for a small slaughterhouse, 200 m3/d

Cad-visualization of Pinggu (larger image

Operation during first winter (larger image

Planning by NAT with chinese partner BJSMTC since 2010; construction takes place in 2012/2013. Pre-treatment stage as flotation device. Constructed wetlands as filter cascades, roughing filter, vertical filter reed beds, horizontal filter reed beds; operation training for staff. Use of special plants and selected filter materials.

Tongzhou, Beijing
Vertical filter reed bed for natural treatment of water for a pet swimming pool, 8 m3/d.

Pinggu Xiangyang Village, Beijing
Pretreatment and vertical filter reed beds for a rural village in the mountains east of Beijing.

Yanqing, Beijing
Willow evaporation reed bed for household wastewater; 8 m3/d. Planning and supervision by Danish partner Center of Recycling and BJSMTC in 2010.

Jiuquan Vocational Technology College, Gansu Province
Willow evaporation reed bed for a dormitory (2012)

Willow facility  Willow facility   
Growing willow at Yanqing
willow favility (larger image)
The bassin for the Jiuquan
willow facility (larger image)

More information on willow facilties may be found on


We are dedicated net-workers. With our network of collegues we work hard on offering individual and adapted solutions. Among others, there is a trustful co-operation with the following collegues and institutions:

  • BJSMTC; engineering company, specialized on constructed wetlands, Beijing
  • Center of Recycling, Ölgod, DK
  • Ökologisches Projekt, Graz, Austria
  •; engineering company specialized on sewage systems, Eckernförde
  • w2-Ingenieure, civil engineering company, Hohenwestedt.

IÖV-Ingenieurökologische Vereinigung
Ecological engineering society of the german-speaking countries,

German society for engineers, specialized on water, waste-water and waste,

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